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  • Understanding The Difference Between Wood Chippings And Bark Mulch

    24 July 2020

    Natural wood materials are a popular choice with those looking for landscaping products that blend into their garden and will break down over time and add nutrients to the soil. There are a few varieties of wood mulches available, and each has specific uses they are suited to. Wood chips and bark mulch are commonly used as part of residential landscaping projects, so here's an overview of these two landscaping products to help you understand which one would be right for your garden:

  • Two tips for those who will be helping a visually impaired person who needs to move house

    28 May 2020

    If a visually impaired friend of yours needs some help with moving to their new home, here are some things you can do to make this easier for them. Find a creative way to help them to identify what's in their packed boxes In the last couple of days in their old home, after they have packed their belongings into boxes, your friend may realise that they need a couple of the items that are in these containers.

  • Advantages of Painted Balustrades

    25 March 2020

    Balustrades are an important safety feature on staircases and balconies. This is why it is a legal requirement for homeowners to install balustrades in the mentioned areas.  Stainless steel balustrades do not usually require additional paintwork. This is because they are made ready for installation as they are straight from the balustrade supplier. However, there are certain advantages that painted stainless steel balustrades have over their non-painted equivalent, some of which are highlighted below.

  • Ideas For New Windows In Your Home

    20 February 2020

    Abundant natural daylight flowing into a room provides a welcoming, warm ambience. Plus, a brighter space evokes a sense of spaciousness, so rooms feel larger than their dimensions suggest. One way to allow extra light to flood inside your home is to install new windows. Read on for several ideas on how to go about this upgrade. In The Bathroom With a need for privacy, bathrooms often feature small. However, glazing options such as frosted glass obscure a clear view while allowing muted illumination to fill up the room.

  • Have you thought about fitting Venetian blinds

    3 January 2020

    Are you considering replacing the curtains in your home? While curtains have been popular for many hundreds of years, they are not the only possible solution for covering your windows. Curtains come with certain disadvantages that could be overcome by arranging a Venetian blinds installation, instead. What's wrong with using curtains? Good curtains can bring a touch of luxury to any room, however as every homeowner knows, curtains are not without problems.

  • How to Choose the Right Type of Benchtop during Your Kitchen Renovation

    8 October 2018

    When you're planning a kitchen renovation, it makes sense to put a lot of effort into it, as this is not just a functional place but somewhere where you and your family will spend a great deal of time. In fact, for many families, this is the entertainment hub of their home and they can often congregate here for hours at a time, both before and after any meal. With so much emphasis on this area, what type of kitchen benchtop can you choose to make this bonding time even more special?

  • How to Maximise the Storage Space of Your New Wardrobe

    25 September 2018

    A built-in wardrobe is a good choice for any room without an actual closet, and it can turn a spare room into a proper bedroom very quickly, typically without as much construction as is needed for a closet you build into a wall. A built-in wardrobe can be as roomy as you choose and can even expand an entire wall space. Note a few simple tips for maximising your bedroom storage by adjusting your wardrobe.

  • Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Shutters for Your Home

    29 August 2018

    Shutters can add instant kerb appeal to a home's exterior, making windows stand out and breaking up the look of long outside walls. The bit of colour provided by shutters can also help to draw out the colour of brick or even your landscaping features or flowerbeds. When you are ready to buy shutters for your home, however, you might note some common mistakes that many homeowners make, and this can ensure you end up with the best shutters for your house.

  • Fabric vs leather sofas: which one is the best for your lounge area?

    30 July 2018

    Your lounge area can be your bedroom, sitting room, deck or any other place in the house. But your lounging area cannot be a lounge unless it has comfortable seats. This is a discussion as to which seats are the best for a lounge area between fabric sofas and leather sofas. Comfort Fabric sofas are arguably more comfortable than leather sofas. This is because fabric sofas are more elastic. The elasticity allows the occupant to adjust until they find a position that is comfortable for their body.

  • How to Create a Shady Spot In Your Garden

    19 July 2018

    If your garden is north-facing, then the likelihood is that you will avoid being out in it during the middle of the day when the sun is overhead. This can be a great shame because your garden ought to be a peaceful place of refuge no matter what time of day it happens to be. In order to make your garden more appealing during the heat of the day, you could install mist sprayers which cool you down.