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What Are the Benefits of Caravan Roll-Out Awning Walls?

by Martha Reed

While a simple awning gives you more versatile ways to use your caravan, installing an awning with roll-out walls could be a better option. Here, your awning becomes the base for a series of walls that create an enclosed space around your van.

Why should you consider installing awning walls on your caravan?

Get a Weather-Protected Outdoor Space

You might feel that you're stuck in your van on some trips. If it is raining a lot or is too hot, then you might have to stay indoors. If you're travelling with your family, then you might not have much fun if you are all cooped up together for long periods.

If you install an awning with walls, then you can create a weatherproofed area outside of your caravan. For example, if you buy a waterproofed product, then you can sit inside the awning when it rains. If your awning has UV filters, then you don't have to worry about getting too much exposure to the sun.

Get Extra Useful Outdoor Space

If you don't have a large caravan or are travelling with a large family, then extra space will be really useful for you. If you have more space, then people have different places to sit, play or relax. You can also create extra sleeping areas.

A walled awning helps you do this. You can create an extra room outside your caravan. So, for example, you can use the space as a dining area. Its walls will keep insects at bay and give you some privacy, or you can set it up as a sleeping area for your kids. Sleeping in a walled awning is like sleeping in a big tent, so they should enjoy the experience.

Get More Security

The stuff you leave around your caravan when you are in a parking area or park can be attractive to thieves. For example, if your kids leave their bikes outside your van, anyone can just pick them up and steal them.

A walled awning gives you more security. If you choose a non-transparent material, then people can't see what you leave outside your van. They'd have to get close up to see what's there; this is a risk many thieves won't take. So you'll reduce the chances of being hit by opportunistic thieves.

To see some examples of walls that will work on your van, contact caravan roll-out awning wall suppliers.