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Have you thought about fitting Venetian blinds

by Martha Reed

Are you considering replacing the curtains in your home? While curtains have been popular for many hundreds of years, they are not the only possible solution for covering your windows. Curtains come with certain disadvantages that could be overcome by arranging a Venetian blinds installation, instead.

What's wrong with using curtains?

Good curtains can bring a touch of luxury to any room, however as every homeowner knows, curtains are not without problems. While curtains will look good immediately after you hang them, it normally doesn't take too long for them to start gathering dirt or to become stained or mouldy. If you have ever tried to take down curtains to clean them, then you will be well aware of how difficult and time consuming that process can be. Even if you do maintain your curtains well, they will only have a limited lifespan before they must be replaced. Then there is the fact that curtains are rarely suitable for rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, leaving you to find another alternative for these places.

Understanding the alternative

Some people hold the mistaken belief that all blinds look similar, but that isn't true. When you opt for a Venetian blind installation, you will be able to choose from a range of designs so that you can easily match your Venetian blinds installation to the existing style and decor of your property. Here are three reasons that you should think about including Venetian blinds next time you redecorate your home.

Easy to maintain

Time is something that most people are short of. Instead of wasting your valuable time struggling to clean your curtains, why not choose the low maintenance alternative? Blinds can be quickly wiped clean with a cloth rather than needing to be taken down, washed, dried and rehung.

Longer life

Custom blinds will nearly always cost no more than curtains, yet blinds will last far longer than curtains. While curtain material will fade, become stained or simply deteriorate through age blinds will go on looking great year after year. Why keep on paying out for curtains when a Venetian blinds installation will save you money?

More effective operation

The two most common reasons for fitting curtains are light control and privacy, yet both of these can be more effectively achieved by installing blinds. While curtains can only be either open or closed blinds have many possible settings that allow you to establish the levels of light and privacy that are perfect for your comfort.

To learn more about Venetian blind installations, consult a resource in your area.