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Ideas For New Windows In Your Home

by Martha Reed

Abundant natural daylight flowing into a room provides a welcoming, warm ambience. Plus, a brighter space evokes a sense of spaciousness, so rooms feel larger than their dimensions suggest. One way to allow extra light to flood inside your home is to install new windows. Read on for several ideas on how to go about this upgrade.

In The Bathroom

With a need for privacy, bathrooms often feature small. However, glazing options such as frosted glass obscure a clear view while allowing muted illumination to fill up the room. They also add a beautiful focal point. Install a large, expansive window over a bath or across a wall with decorative frosted geometric patterns or etchings of foliage and birds. In keeping with the water theme, you could incorporate a scene of sand, sea and sky. 

Another decorative option is a leadlight window, which consists of numerous pieces of coloured glass that fit together like a sparkling jigsaw. Fill it with pale pinks and blues, vibrant yellows and oranges, or various other hues. Light rays passing through the colourful glass will take on their pigments so that yellows will warm up the bathroom and blues will cool it. 

To integrate the window within the decor, repeat a shape or pattern from elsewhere in the space. For instance, echo the design of patterned tiles or an ornate mirror. You'll enjoy the light and airy ambience each time you take a bath or shower.

Hallways And Living Areas

Your home might feature a long hallway that travels from the front door and leads to adjacent areas. Without a window to draw daylight inside, such regions can feel closed-in. To overcome this, build a transom window above the doorway that allows uplifting sunlight to flow down the hall.  Decorative options include panelled squares of glass, a fanlight, or a modern-looking pane of transparent glazing. Often fanlights feature in traditional homes, providing a source of ventilation. With an open transom window providing fresh air, your door can remain closed, maintaining security. 

There's no need to reserve transom windows for front doors. They fit over windows and other doorways, both internal and external, within the home. Even in contemporary designs, geometric shapes and clear glass combine to create stylish accents that leave your home flowing with light and air. 

Adding new windows is an excellent way to transform and open up your home. Incorporate decorative lead lighting or minimalist clear glass. Opaque glazing within a bathroom provides privacy and illumination. And you can open up your house with transom windows throughout, above doorways and standard windows.

To learn more about your options for new windows, contact a glass contractor.