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5 Reasons You Should Choose Solid Shutters

by Martha Reed

If you're shopping around for shutters, you'll probably come across two types: solid shutters and plantation shutters. Plantation shutters may be more aesthetically pleasing with their louvres and grills, but they cost more than solid ones. Solid shutters are cheaper because you don't need to hire a professional to install them. You can do it yourself if you follow the instructions that come with your purchase. Most kits also contain all the hardware necessary for installation, saving you from having to shop for additional materials. Here are five reasons why solid shutters are a smart choice in most homes.

1. They provide insulation

Keeping the room warm in winter and cool in summer is a top priority for homeowners. But it's not just about aesthetics; this can also have serious financial implications. Insulating your home can lower your heating bills by up to 15%! Likewise, solid shutters can help you save on cooling costs — during hot months they keep out the heat while still allowing you to enjoy natural light from outside.

2. They protect from storms and dust

During storms, shutters are great protection against high winds. They minimize the risk of damage to your home by limiting the impact of strong gusts and preventing debris from coming into your property. Solid shutters are also an effective barrier against airborne and ground-borne contaminants, including pollen.

 3. They're low-maintenance

Generally, maintaining solid shutters is easier than plantation shutters. You don't have to worry about cleaning screens or having them aligned perfectly. You only need to give your shutters a good wipe with a wet cloth every once in a while to remove dust and dirt and keep them looking good for years to come. Solid wood shutters are also not as susceptible as plantation ones are to mould buildup and insect infestations.

4. They limit sound transmission

Soundproofing can be a major problem if you live in an apartment or you have noisy neighbours. It's best to take steps to make your home more comfortable and livable. Using solid shutters as a sound barrier will get rid of unwanted noise, thereby making your home much more pleasant to live in.

5. They enhance your privacy

In an attempt to protect their privacy, many homeowners avoid living in large villas and townhouses. However, while you can't control your neighbours' behaviour, you can certainly do something to ensure your own privacy. Installing solid shutters is a very practical way of ensuring that your property is shielded from prying eyes.

Solid shutters are not only cheaper than plantation shutters, they also have many practical advantages to recommend them. The choice between the two is not always clear-cut; it ultimately depends on how you intend to use them and what style you are looking for.