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Advantages of Painted Balustrades

by Martha Reed

Balustrades are an important safety feature on staircases and balconies. This is why it is a legal requirement for homeowners to install balustrades in the mentioned areas. 

Stainless steel balustrades do not usually require additional paintwork. This is because they are made ready for installation as they are straight from the balustrade supplier. However, there are certain advantages that painted stainless steel balustrades have over their non-painted equivalent, some of which are highlighted below.

The Right Colour Theme

While it might not be necessary to have stainless steel balustrades painted before or after their installation, remember that all fixtures on your structure should blend in well with your chosen colour theme in order to give that beautiful appearance that every homeowner longs for. One main advantage of painting stainless steel balustrades is that it gives you the opportunity to match the balustrades to the existing colour theme around your home. This is especially great if you intend to have stainless steel balustrades installed indoors.

Rather than let the silver-like colour of the metal balustrades stand out, add a coat of paint to it and make them part and parcel of your interior décor.

Enhanced Longevity and Durability

Another great reason why painted balustrades are advantageous is the fact that painting is known to increase the durability of stainless steel balustrades. This is because an additional layer of paint on the balustrades will act as a protective barrier that prevents damage to the steel balustrades as a result of exposure to harsh weather elements such as excess moisture as well as abrasive particles.

The presence of a protective coat of paint makes it difficult for water droplets to settle on the balustrades long enough for these droplets to be absorbed into the structure of the metallic balustrading material. Instead, water droplets will easily slide down the surface of painted balustrades, and this reduces the likelihood that such balustrades will suffer physical damage in the form of corrosion and rust. Therefore, painting stainless steel balustrades is equivalent to enhancing the durability of your balustrades.

Easier Cleaning

Lastly, you might want to paint your stainless steel balustrades in order to make them easier to clean. Painted balustrades do not get stained easily, and when they do, a quick wipe using some soapy water and a cloth will suffice to make the balustrades as clean as they are supposed to be.

Contact a balustrade supplier to learn more about staircase balustrades.