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5 Reasons to Choose Plantation Shutters Over Traditional Shutters

by Martha Reed

Window treatments like shades, curtains or shutters all give you control over light, air, temperature and privacy. But curtains and shades aren't for everyone. Curtains can take up too much room, and shades can often be flimsy and difficult to maintain. Shutters are a more permanent solution for homeowners.

When it comes to interior shutters, you have two main choices: traditional or plantation. Plantation shutters have several advantages over traditional shutters.

1. More light

The louvres of plantation shutters are larger than the louvres of traditional shutters. This makes them ideal for large windows. And larger louvres means that you have more control of how much light you let into your home.

If your living room has large windows, then plantation shutters will allow you to bathe your living room in light during the summer.

2. More of the outside world

If you have stunning views outside your windows, then plantation shutters are a better choice than traditional shutters. On clear days, you can open up the larger louvres of plantation shutters so that you can enjoy the view outside. The smaller louvres of traditional shutters would impede your view, which makes them a poor choice if your home is surrounded by beautiful scenery.  

3. More air

Curtains and traditional shutters can't compete with plantation shutters in regards to airflow. Because plantation shutters have wider louvres, when you open your windows and your plantation shutters, you can let in more fresh air. This makes plantation shutters ideal for hot summer days when you want some relief from the stuffy indoors.

4. More colour and material choices

Traditional shutters are usually made of wood. But plantation shutters come in PVC, fibre, wood and aluminium. You also have more colours to choose from with plantation shutters. This gives you more control when choosing a material and colour to match your home's interior décor. For instance, if you want something secure and modern, aluminium plantation shutters are ideal.

5. More space

Plantation shutters are also a great window treatment in rooms that you want to maximize space in while retaining light and air control. While curtains take up valuable space, the small louvres of traditional shutters deprive a room of light. But plantation shutters will give you more light and more space, which is ideal when you want to maximize the space in a room.

Plantation shutters are ideal if you want to maximize the light, space and views in your home. But if you want something that offers more privacy, then traditional shutters are right for you.

To learn more, contact a resource that carries residential plantation shutters.