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Options when building a Patio in your Yard

by Martha Reed

You may be planning to construct a patio in your yard, a relaxing and comfortable outside space. Here are some options you'll face during the project. A patio builder can help you refine your decisions.


One of the first things to decide with your new patio is where to place it. You could build it beside your home, connecting your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Some kitchens include a servery window that opens to the patio, so it's easy to entertain and dine alfresco. Glass doors and large windows that look out onto a patio can make your home appear more spacious.

Alternatively, you could build the patio away from your house within the garden. A free-standing patio may give you a greater sense of being outside. You'll have more alternatives in the design as you won't be limited by the placement of the house's walls. You could create a secluded meditative patio enclosed by shrubbery or position the patio on an expansive lawn.


The paving of your patio sets the scene, so you should put a lot of thought into its material and colour. You could lay large square ivory travertine pavers for a classic look. Alternatively, give your patio a rustic feel with brick pavers set in a basket weave or a striking circular pattern. Think about the overall style you want for the patio, which will depend on the surrounding environment.

Other materials to consider include timber decking or decorative concrete, which can mimic wood, stone, or other substances. The size and shape of the paved area will give structure to the patio and separate it from the natural landscape.


The benefit of patio roofing is that it makes the space usable in varied weather. You need to think about what kind of weather you want protection from. To keep the rain away, you could install corrugated polycarbonate or Colorbond roof sheets, which can be powder coated on both sides. If you want to relax in the sun in winter but not in summer, you could build timber beams along which you could grow deciduous vines. This roofing style will blend the patio with nature.

Other possibilities include various types of fabric. You could install retractable or fixed awnings if the patio sits beside the house. Shade sails can be built anywhere you place the patio. The benefit of using fabrics is that you can choose options that block UV and/or rain, whichever you decide to manage.