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Why Vertical Window Blinds Are Ideal When You Have Pets

by Martha Reed

If you are a pet owner who is looking for new blinds for your windows, you shouldn't just purchase the same miniblinds or other horizontal blinds that you have bought in the past. The whole reason why you might be looking to purchase new blinds right now could be because your existing blinds weren't really a good fit for your pet-friendly household. Vertical window blinds are often the better choice for pet owners, even though many people don't know that fact or ever purchase this type of blind. Consider these blinds for your dog or cat-friendly home for these reasons.

Your Pet Can Look Out the Window

Both cats and dogs often like looking out the window. With horizontal blinds, it can sometimes be hard for your pet to look outside. If you have vertical blinds, however, your pet can nudge the slats out of the way and look outside as much as they want to. This can help with things like preventing your pet from getting too bored while home alone.

Your Blinds Shouldn't Be Damaged

You might know that pets like looking out of the window since your pets might have seriously damaged your horizontal blinds when attempting to do so. Of course, it's not impossible that vertical blinds could be damaged by your pet, such as if your pet scratches or chews at them. However, the damage is less likely with vertical blinds, so, hopefully, your new blinds will last for a long time in your pet-friendly home.

It Will Be Safer for Your Pet

Your pet could get hung up in horizontal blinds and could be seriously injured. There is even a risk of death in some cases. Vertical blinds should be a safer choice since you shouldn't really have to worry about your pet getting its collar caught in the slats or otherwise being put at serious risk. If you have kids, then you'll probably like the fact that vertical window blinds are often a safer choice for kids, too.

You Can Clean Them Easily

As a pet owner, you might be used to having to clean a lot so that you can get rid of pet hair. Cleaning some window coverings can be a real hassle. However, wiping down the vinyl slats of your vertical blinds shouldn't take too long and should be pretty effective for getting them clean.

When you have pets, it's best to think about them when doing things like buying window coverings and blinds. If you do, then you'll probably realise that vertical blinds might be the right choice. For more information about vertical blinds, contact a local seller.