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4 Reasons Why Aluminium Security Doors Are the Perfect Choice for Your Home

by Martha Reed

Home security is of the utmost importance for every homeowner, particularly when crime is on the rise. While a comprehensive security system is the best way to protect you, your home and your family, that system shouldn't be complete without aluminium security doors. There are many security doors on the market, but aluminium variants offer a lot of specific and compelling benefits you may not have considered before. Here are some of the top reasons to choose aluminium security doors.

1. Easier installation process

Out of all the security door options on the market, aluminium doors are one of the easiest to install. If you're a confident DIY-er, you may even be able to install your own aluminium security door on a free weekend. However, even if you're not, you'll still benefit. Easier installation means a quicker installation, and in turn, that means you'll be paying less for labour costs. It also means you won't have to take too much time out of your week to get your doors installed and functioning.

2. Great fire resistance

Another big benefit of aluminium security doors is their high level of fire resistance. This means that in the unfortunate event that a wildfire or arson breaks out, your door will hold up and protect you for much longer than steel or wooden doors. Fire resistance is particularly important in any house with children, pets, seniors or members with mobility issues. Even if you're confident you can evacuate your home quickly in the event of a fire, your aluminium security door will still keep the contents of your house protected. 

3. Durability over time

Naturally, all security doors need to be durable. Aluminium, however, is definitely one of the strongest materials on the market. It's far more durable than PVC and wood, and it holds up very well over time. As such, you'll be able to rely on your security door to keep you protected for years to come without the need for costly replacements. 

4. Attractive appearance

When you first hear the words "aluminium security door," your mind may wander to thoughts of the kind of doors used in prison. But don't be mistaken. Today, aluminium doors can be surprisingly aesthetically pleasing. They're available in a variety of colours and designs; a black aluminium security door with reinforced glass panels, for example, will look so good that no one will assume it was installed with security in mind. Aluminium doors can also be coated with faux wood if you like a more traditional appeal but don't want to compromise on security. 

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