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How to Maximise the Storage Space of Your New Wardrobe

by Martha Reed

A built-in wardrobe is a good choice for any room without an actual closet, and it can turn a spare room into a proper bedroom very quickly, typically without as much construction as is needed for a closet you build into a wall. A built-in wardrobe can be as roomy as you choose and can even expand an entire wall space. Note a few simple tips for maximising your bedroom storage by adjusting your wardrobe.

Shorten the shelving height

When adding shelves to the built-in wardrobe, add more of them so that there is less height between them. This can maximise their usage, as you may otherwise avoid filling that space with clothing since sweaters and similar pieces can start to get disorganised when in a large, tall pile. Shelves that aren't so high also allow you to mix up their use; you can use them for shoes without putting several pairs on top of each other or for sweaters, folded shirts, linens, and even items like books.

Lower the clothing rods

On the side of the wardrobe where you will hang shirts, you may want to have two clothing rods, one up high and one lower so that you can hang two sets of shirts in the space. However, for an area of the wardrobe where you might hang dresses or pants, note that the clothing rod doesn't need to be at the top of the wardrobe. Rarely will any dress or pair of trousers hang all the way to the bottom of the wardrobe, so that space under the clothes is often wasted. Lower this clothing rod by a foot or meter, so that dresses and pants come closer to the floor of the wardrobe. Then, you can use the space over this rod for added shelving.

Use the front and back of doors

If the wardrobe is deep enough, you can add hooks to the inside of the doors where you can hang scarves, handbags, neckties, or an organiser to keep jewellery pieces, socks, or even shoes. While you may not want to clutter up the look of the outside or front of the built-in wardrobe, you might consider a hook for something you don't mind being out and visible, such as a bathrobe or attractive pieces like scarves or handbags. This not only maximises the usable space of your wardrobe but also keeps these smaller pieces organised and easy to find.