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Fabric vs leather sofas: which one is the best for your lounge area?

by Martha Reed

Your lounge area can be your bedroom, sitting room, deck or any other place in the house. But your lounging area cannot be a lounge unless it has comfortable seats. This is a discussion as to which seats are the best for a lounge area between fabric sofas and leather sofas.


Fabric sofas are arguably more comfortable than leather sofas. This is because fabric sofas are more elastic. The elasticity allows the occupant to adjust until they find a position that is comfortable for their body. Leather sofas are more rigid and firm therefore making the adjustments possible only to a certain point.


Both fabric sofas and leather sofas are durable. The amount of time they last highly depends on the care and maintenance practices done on them. However, if exposed to the same standard conditions of regular use and cleaning, a leather sofa will last longer than a fabric sofa.


The evolvement of furniture design has made it possible to get whichever form or shape of sofa you may like regardless of the material used. Leather sofas however have a more elegant and posh look as compared to fabric seats. Leather sofas are immediately associated with affluence, formality and status while fabric sofas are hugely associated with the household.


Fabric sofas generally cost less than leather sofas. Leather sofas are expensive because of the processes required to turn raw leather into furniture. It can also be due to their high durability.


Leather sofas are significantly easier to maintain thanks to their waterproof and stain proof qualities. Leather sofas require a wet sponge or a damp soft cloth and some soap to clean. They do not require hard scrubbing or brushing and do not have fibres that absorb dirt. Fabric sofas  on the other hand, get easily stained. Some stains can be so stubborn you may have to completely replace the sofa's covers. Fabric sofas cannot get clean by just wiping. They sometimes require vacuuming and deep steam cleaning to get rid of deeply etched dirt.

Weather damage

As seen earlier, leather seats are waterproof and would therefore not be damaged by rain water or snow. However, with sun it is a completely different case. Leather sofas tend to gain and lose heat very easily. If your lounge area happens to be outdoors or by a window that gets a lot of sunlight, you may find a leather sofa to be uncomfortable. It tends to heat up fast making it hard for you to seat in. Fabric sofas are excellent with heat because they remain neutral. However exposure to rain will leave your seats damp and smelly if not properly dried.

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