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Wonderful Benefits of Installing Glass Louvres in Your Windows

by Martha Reed

If you want to change the design of your home without embarking on a major overhaul of the interior or exterior, then you may want to consider switching out your window treatments. Australian households are typically outfitted with shutters and blinds as these are seen as contemporary furnishings that complement both the interior and exterior of the home. However, if you are itching for something different, then you should consider glass louvres.

Previously regarded as a traditional window style, glass louvres are currently experiencing a resurgence in modern homes. Furthermore, since the glass louvres can be coated with various films and tints to enhance their visual interest and privacy, you could elect to use the louvres on their own without any drapery! So what are some of the wonderful benefits that glass louvres have to offer?

Glass louvres are energy saving

One of the most surprising advantages of installing glass louvres is the increased energy saving they provide. These louvres are uniquely suited to Australia's warm climate as they accord you with enhanced ventilation, which makes them ideal for rooms that are typically hot or humid such as the bathroom. Keeping the louvres open allows for heightened ventilation, which then minimises your dependencies on cooling fans and central air conditioning. As a pro tip, you could also choose to increase this energy efficiency by purchasing louvres that are manufactured from low emission glass. These types of louvres help limit heat dissipation from your home when the weather turns cold, which also saves your energy expenditure.

Glass louvres maintain your privacy

A common assumption people make about glass louvres is that they are only suitable for homes that are not exposed to prying eyes. And although these louvres are made from glass, this assumption is not entirely accurate. Plain louvres made from annealed glass will not increase your privacy. Nonetheless, these are not the only options available. If your windows look over a busy neighbourhood and you want to maintain a level of privacy, you could opt for the frosted variety, which has an opaque finish. Secondly, opening the louvres at an angle allows for ventilation without you having to sacrifice the privacy of your home. Other options you can consider when it comes to maintaining your privacy include sandblasted louvres, tinted louvres and so on.

Glass louvres are simple to maintain

Nobody likes the hassle of cleaning windows, more so if you have large panes of glass that are hard to reach. The best thing about these louvres is that you can reach both sides of the glass, which goes a long way in keeping your windows sparkling. With glass louvres, it is highly unlikely that you will require professional cleaning because you can easily access every inch of your windows.