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Designing custom curtains

by Martha Reed

If you see your home as a reflection of your unique style, fostering a distinct atmosphere in every room, from spaces built for engaged and lively conversation to rooms dedicated to relaxing, then you're probably passionate about interior design. For many people renovating or building, window treatments often arrive as an afterthought, at the completion of much of the design work. But from billowing rolls of fabric to trim and tidy valances, nothing establishes a mood quite the way draperies do. Thinking about your choices early in the design process gives you the opportunity to truly coordinate your colours and fabrics with custom-made curtains, creating a stylish space that's exclusively yours.

Before you take the plunge, consider some of the most popular elements that will work well in your home.

Plenty of light.

Natural light is truly timeless, and fabrics that foster the flow of light will never go out of style. Choose from sheer fabrics in warm tones, as well as classic whites and creams, or get adventurous and pair traditional linen with contemporary patterning.

Natural materials

Organic ingredients will always be in vogue, and the full range of earthy and eco-friendly materials—from woven fair trade fabrics to simple and sedate linen panels—are striking the right note this year in all shades neutral and natural.

Rich colours

Vivid and effervescent colours are all the rage right now, with deep blues and passionate reds leading the charge.


From electroplated kitchen fixtures to golden veins in marble baths, metallics are making a splash this year. Try layering fabrics in tones from copper to platinum, or pair more sober fabrics with bold metal curtain rails or subtle and small eyelets.

Darker tones

In keeping with the year's trend towards dark tones in the kitchen and bath, palettes of grey and classic black are steadily creeping into living rooms. Use tones like charcoal and slate much in the way you'd employ neutrals, and you'll be awed by the results.


Patterns are in this year, and bold, geometric designs are being employed alongside bold colours to encapsulate a playful air in bedrooms and living areas.


Whether chosen for their beauty or because they mean something to you, decorative touches such as beads and shells can add a personal touch to your curtains.

Commissioning custom-made curtains is the perfect way to coordinate your window treatments with other furnishings, ensuring every texture, shade and finish is designed to complement your space and serve the needs of each member of your household.