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Kitchen Trends You Might Consider for Your Home

by Martha Reed

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, because it may be the one room that everyone in the family uses every day. This means the kitchen should be functional but also attractive, and a space that works for food prep and whatever else is needed for your entire family. If you're designing a new home or are planning a kitchen renovation, note some trends you might consider for this space, and that could work to create a kitchen you and your whole family will love.

Darker floors

White cabinetry and appliances can make a kitchen seem bright and clean, but also a bit cold. Darker floors can help to offset light colours for the cabinets and kitchen surfaces, and may also help to mask food stains and damage to the floors. When choosing your tile for the kitchen flooring, opt for something dark but rich, for added warmth and colour.

Farm-style sinks

A farm-style sink is one large, deep, porcelain sink, versus a stainless steel sink that has two separate sections. A farm-style sink will also usually have an apron, which is an exposed upper rim. This type of sink can make it easier to manage large pots and pans, and can also add some eye-catching appeal to the kitchen, giving it a more natural and rustic look.


As said, white can make a kitchen seem clean, but splashes of colour are also very trendy and can create a space that is uniquely your own. Appliances in retro colours of candy apple red or baby blue can add lots of personality to the space, or you might opt for a bold yellow or orange paint colour on an accent wall. This will keep the kitchen from looking dull and drab, and ensure the space is one you'll love.

Coffee or other station

If you love gourmet coffee, a nice variety of teas, wine, craft beer, or fresh juice, you might consider having a station built into your kitchen for this use alone. A section of cabinetry and benchtops with storage for fresh coffee beans, a grinder, and all the other accessories you need, or a separate cooler for wine or beer, along with a seating area where you can enjoy your freshly prepared items, can make the kitchen relaxing as well as functional. This can also keep you organized, as you then don't need to hunt around for your coffee grinder or honey for your tea when everything is in one planned spot and kept separate from the rest of the kitchen.