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Why Installing Gutter Guards on Guttering Is Vital

by Martha Reed

Gutters are an important part of any home roofing system. They help ensure rain collected from the rooftop is directed away from the home in a safe and efficient manner, thus allowing for proper runoff of rainfall. But gutter systems can't be effective at their job if they are constantly clogged with debris. For this reason, it is important for homeowners to install some sort of gutter protection on their guttering. 

Gutter guards are essentially gutter protection incorporated into guttering systems to help prevent fallen leaves and other large debris from going into the guttering systems. Whether you are looking to install a gutter guard on existing guttering or on new gutter system, it is important to know what you stand to gain by making the investment. Below are some outstanding benefits that you'll indeed appreciate.

Gutter guards help maintain proper runoff of rainwater.

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of having gutter guards installed on your guttering. These gutter protectors help filter out leaves, twigs and other unwanted debris that may clog your gutter system. As a result, rainfall will be able to run off quickly and efficiently, thus minimising the risk of backup in your guttering.

Gutter guards help to prevent structural damage to your home.

Without gutter protection, rainfall would spill over the sides of your gutters and drip onto your wood fascia boards and external walls before finally reaching the foundation of your house. If left unattended, the spilling water can leave a trail of destruction behind. Your wood fascia boards will start to rot, your masonry walls will begin to crack and the structural integrity of your house foundation will be compromised. Installing gutter guards can help prevent all these problems by ensuring the guttering is clear for rainwater to exit your home safely and efficiently. 

Gutter guards can help prevent pest attacks in your home.

One of the areas of the home that is usually prone to pest attacks is the guttering. If left uncovered, gutter systems can become nesting areas for birds and other pests. If pest nests are not removed, they can be a health risk and also inhibit the proper flow of water from your rooftop, thus causing damage to your property. 

While gutter guards can play a big role when it comes to protecting your gutter system from foreign debris that may undermine the efficiency of the guttering, preventative maintenance of your entire gutter system is critical, and it should include removing debris filtered out by your gutter guards.