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Preventing Build Up of Hard Water Stains on your Glass Shower Screen

by Martha Reed

Glass shower screens improve the aesthetics of your bathroom. However, hard water is bad news for glass shower screens because water drops stain and eventually etch the glass thereby giving it an ugly look when wiped off. While it does not take a lot of time or energy to clean your shower screens after every two or three days, it can get monotonous in the long run. This article highlights tips you can use to prevent hard water stains from sticking to your glass shower screen thereby relieving you from regular and tiresome maintenance.

Wax-Based Sealers -- Hard water easily sticks on the surface of glass because of its chemical composition. If there is no protective coating, then hard water begins to eat away your glass shower screen. Notably, if you do not want to go through a bi-weekly hustle of scrubbing off the hard water stains, then you should consider applying a thin layer of a wax-based sealer as the protective coating. Once the coating is on, hard water will run off the treated glass and prevent water droplets from sticking to its surface. The most significant advantage is that treating the glass shower screen twice a year with a wax-based protective coating is enough.

Use Vinegar -- As you already know, vinegar is great for cleaning household products including your glass shower screen. Unlike the wax-based protective coats that you can apply once in six months, a mixture of part water and part vinegar should be used at least once a day for excellent results. For instance, before you get in the shower, spray your mixture on the glass screen, and let it settle for about 10 minutes then take your shower. Once done, all you are required to do is wipe the screen off with a microfiber towel. What the vinegar mixture does is that is breaks down the chemical composition of hard water before it sticks to the glass surface. Consequently, the staining and etching effect of hard water on your shower screen is prevented.

Invest in a Squeegee -- A little hard work goes a long way towards preventing hard water stains from damaging your glass shower screen. As mentioned earlier, hard water will stain or etch the glass screens only when left to settle. Therefore, after every shower session, make sure that you pull down any water drops from the screen. The best tool for this type of work is a squeegee, which can be purchased at the local convenience store cheaply.