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3 Ways to Keep Bugs Out of Your Hotel Buffet

by Martha Reed

Setting up a breakfast or lunch buffet is a great way to make your hotel more appealing, but it's important to make sure your hotel patrons are the only guests who visit it. Unwanted guests like bugs and other pests can wreak havoc in any part of a hotel, and buffets are no exception. Open displays of food are unsurprisingly attractive to these tiny pests.

Having bugs in your buffet is a sure fire way to get guests complaining, so you need to know how to prevent that before opening your buffet. Here are 3 simple tips to follow.

Buy Covered Buffet Trays

One of the easiest ways to stop pests getting into your buffet food is to buy covered trays. There are plenty of trays on the market with transparent covers that show off how delicious your food is without exposing it to  bugs. Make sure you opt for a model with a lid that's easy to open with one hand so your guests can access food easily while holding their plate. Don't be afraid to put up a sign near your buffet reminding guests to keep the covers closed when they're finished selecting their food; most patrons will appreciate you going the extra mile to keep their meal hygienic.

Increase Your Waste Disposal

You likely already have a good waste disposal timetable in place for your restaurant, but you may need to take rubbish out more frequently when you open a buffet. Buffet guests are known to take a lot more than they can eat in order to get their money's worth, which means your bins will fill up with unwanted food a lot quicker. This food waste will, of course, attract bugs if it's not removed promptly, and these bugs will quickly make their way over to the food your guests are actually eating. Make sure your staff monitor waste levels closely and empty bins frequently during buffet hours.

Deal With Infestations Quickly

Above all else, the best way to keep pests away from your buffet is to keep them away from your hotel altogether. If you notice a bug infestation anywhere on the premises, make sure you call a commercial pest control company and get it taken care of as soon as possible. If you struggle to get on top of infestations before they get out of hand, make sure your room and kitchen cleaning staff are trained to spot signs of bugs and encourage them to report any pests immediately.