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Bigger Is Better: The Advantages Of Using Advanced Trees For Commercial Landscaping

by Martha Reed

When it comes to running a successful business, the way your business premises look is just as important as what they do for attracting and retaining clients and customers. Consequently, many businesses owners and operators make the exteriors of their places of business more attractive with some modest landscaping, such as raised planters and water features. If you have the space, installing a few trees can be a particularly effective way to make your business premises both attractive and distinctive.

However, planting a few innocuous saplings and waiting ten or twenty years for them to grow is hardly the most efficient way to draw positive attention to your business, so many commercial landscapers advise planting 'advanced trees' from a place like Din San Nursery instead. Also referred to as mature or semi-mature trees, these trees have been pre-grown at a nursery and are sold once they have reached a reasonable height and density of foliage. As you can imagine, choosing advanced trees over younger specimens can have a number of advantages:

No waiting for growth

The first and most obvious advantage of choosing advanced trees is that you don't have to wait for them to grow from skinny little saplings into robust and impressive trees -- instead, they are delivered partly or fully-mature directly to your place of business, giving you immediate results that can be all-important in the fast-paced world of modern business.

Less vulnerable to vandalism

It's fair to say that a more mature tree is far less vulnerable to vandals and other ne'er-do-wells than a fragile sapling, and planting advanced trees is an excellent way to ensure your investment survives their attentions. Since your trees are more than capable of weathering the attentions of vandals, you also save money that would otherwise go towards cages and railings installed to protect your young trees.

Lee vulnerable to weather

The older a tree gets, the more hardy it becomes, and planting advanced trees is an excellent way to ensure your newly planted trees aren't killed off by the first drought or heavy rainstorm they encounter. They are particularly valuable for businesses located in hotter, arid sections of central Australia, where nutrient-poor earth and limited groundwater can leave young saplings extremely vulnerable to the briefest of droughts.

Instant shade

Commercial landscaping projects often involve trees not only for the natural beauty they offer, but the valuable shade they can provide. During a typically hot summer, a few shady trees outside your premises can be a very effective way to bring in customers, as passersby linger under the cooling shade and can take in the products and services you advertise more thoroughly. Planting advanced trees creates this valuable shade instantly.